• Handmill Accountants Payroll Services in West Midlands

Our fully RTI compliant payroll service provides your employees with secure email access to their payslips and other forms such as P60s. The service can be tailored to your company to suit your payroll cycle.

As part of our service, we deal with the Workplace Pension requirements for your firm, including the submission of the pension contributions to your pension provider.

What is RTI Payroll?

Real Time Information (or RTI for short) is an HMRC initiative to improve the accuracy of PAYE, reducing the need to send out corrections for overpayment or underpaying and the possibility of fraud.

Under the RTI legislation, employers are required to submit information electronically via the internet to HMRC on or before they pay their employees instead of just once a year.

Why use a managed payroll service? 

Reduce your risks

Regulations and their interpretations frequently change, which our expertise and infrastructure can help you to take care of.

Cut operating costs

Our services can include completely managed payroll services to suit your needs this includes interacting with your Workplace Pension provider.

Increase agility and capacity

We're here to make the complex payroll challenges simple, freeing you up to focus on your people and achieve your goals.

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